Salutations and Sentiment

Season’s Greetings!

Boy oh boy, it’s been a while. How’ve you been? Well, I hope.

Me? I’ve been.

Yes, I’ve been.

That is all.

I have been happy. I have been sad. I have been lazy.  I have been hyper. I have been busy. I have been bored. I have been stressed (oh my, I have been stressed). I have been relaxed. I have been normal (as normal as one can be). I have been weird. I have been loud. I have been quiet as the grave. I have been thoughtful. I have been carefree like the wind. I have been cold. I have been red hot with anger and frustration. I have tried so hard to love that I have often fallen short. I have been hard on myself. I have been far too soft. I have been joyful. I have wanted joy. I have needed joy. I am grateful for joy. Good God above, I am grateful for the human capacity to be joyful in all circumstances. I have been many things, but I have not been joyful enough. I have not loved others enough. I have not been compassionate enough. I have not spread peace enough. I have not prayed enough. I have not had enough patience with anything or anyone. I have not been humble enough. I have not been present enough.

So that is how I have been. This is how I reflect on the year, and this is how I plan for the next.

More joy. More love. More compassion. More peace. More prayer. More patience. More humility. More being.

God bless you in all your being. Love, joy, and peace be with you, my friends.


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