Write Your Wrongs

Stephen King once said, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” I first came to understand this whilst suffering from a long and depressing bout of writer’s block in which I began to question everything I’d ever written and everything I wish I had written. Desperate to put pen to paper and simultaneously feel good about the action, I sat down and began to write. Simple as that. No fluff, no gimmicks, no high and mighty claims of enlightenment and deeper understanding. And as my hand continuously smudged over the fresh ink, something magnificent was happening. I was growing. I was learning. I was getting better, just by trying. I was righting wrongs by writing wrongs. And I’ve still got a long, long way to go.

Sure, inspiration is a beautiful thing, but until I sat down, entirely sober and entirely bereft of emotional and artistic influences, I had no idea what I was capable of and what I needed to work on. It was both challenging and immensely rewarding, and it continues to be.


1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

2. The drawing in of breath; inhalation.

Draw upon the breath of your own skillfulness. See what you can do.




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