Ways to Win Your Weekly Wars

Long weekends are both a blessing and a curse. They seem to arrive just when we need them. Our lives have become so hectic and fast paced, we begin to wonder how much more we can stand before we break down completely, and there it is – a redeeming light at the end of a formidable tunnel. The light is so beautiful, so bright we must look away, blinking deliberately to bring our eyes back into focus, and by the time we turn our faces back to its glory, it has passed, leaving us once again at the entrance to an ever-darkening tunnel. And this tunnel seems even more foreboding than when we last encountered it.

Only one thing is certain. We must carry on. No matter how frightening, dismal, or difficult of a task it may be – though we may scream and shout – tears may fall and feet may bleed. We don’t have to go silently, but we have to get to the other side. And there’s no saying that we can’t have a little help along the way.

So let’s not hesitate. Let’s face it head on.

Courage, My Friends:

>Slow the Time – Cataldo
>I’ll Believe In Anything –  Wolf Parade
>There is a Dark Place – Tom Rosenthal
>Stay Alive – Jose Gonzalez
>Dropla – Youth Lagoon
>Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine
>How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep – Bombay Bicycle Club
>Sun Giant – Fleet Foxes
>Heart’s On Fire – Passenger
>Lost Coastlines – Okkervil River
>Lovers In Japan – Coldplay
>Wake Up Children – J. Thoven
>Back Then – B Story

Have Heart. You were made to win this fight.



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