Thursday? Or Friday Eve?

The bestial Wednesday crept through the shadows of the waning Tuesday, eager to unleash its exhausting wrath upon our poor existences the moment the clock struck midnight. Upon rising that dull and foreboding morning, the dead weight of Wednesday was already heavy on our drowsy shoulders. After tugging sore limbs through the holes of well-worn clothing, we threw open the doors of our lives and trudged on into our daily responsibilities, heads struggling to remain high, chins drooping into cups of overpriced coffee. But though the day was long, and with each hour passing even slower than the last – we did it. With our chalices of victory held aloft, and the stenches of sweat and cheap frozen dinners mingling in the stale air, we celebrated our conquering of the ominous beast that was Wednesday. After the ceremonies and merrymaking met their end, we crawled, weary and in need of showers, into our warm, inviting beds, ready to sleep in preparation of the following day.

Thursday. With promise of new beginnings it rose eagerly with the sun to wake us from our shallow slumbering. But as the beams of radiance and rebirth kiss our bloodshot eyes and bring redness into our cheeks, we look upon Thursday with scorn. Were we made bitter and cold by the battle of Wednesday? Or is the allure of Friday taunting us from beyond the veil of another long day and sleepless night? Either way, our routines remain much the same. We beg Thursday to end our suffering quickly, and it ignores our pleas for mercy and drags sluggishly on for what seems like an eternity. Just when we think we can bear it no longer, the clock strikes its sweet spot and alerts us that it’s quitting time, and we are filled with an unbelievable sense of relief. Finally, it is time for Friday.

But why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we live each day in constant longing for the next? Are we so discontent with our day to day existence that the only conceivable thing to save us from our despair is the hope of the next day? Perhaps if we were to seek joy and contentment in all days – Wednesday included – we would not find ourselves so desperate for the night to come and put us out of our misery. They say that attitude is everything, and it can find the good in anything. So how about we stop looking at each day like a task we must complete, but as an adventure that we get to experience. Each day is the eve of a new and incredible adventure. On the eve of a special day, there is excitement and happiness, there is a sense of anticipation and wonder. With this mentality, we can approach each morning as another opportunity to experience this world and seek greatness.

So, good morning, Friday Eve. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us all.

With eagerness,



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