Chapter 1

Well, you got me.

As I sit with my laptop in my small living room, typing and erasing this sentence over and over again, I wonder what on earth I’m doing. It’s far past my usual bedtime, I’ve made an ever-growing mess on this abused couch, and worst of all, I haven’t had nearly enough water today. But despite my fears and the dread of uncertainty, here I am. With sore fingers and sopping wet hair, I wrack my brain to find the proper words to say, only to remind myself at the end of every discarded idea that there are no improper things to say. All I have to do is say something. So, let this be a place to say those things – express those ideas, share that thought, and no matter what, keep on living and loving life.

You got me.

I’m here, you’re here, so let’s talk about it – whether you’re in the middle of your story, or just at Chapter one.

All my love,



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